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Jamboree Danmark 2012 er ein altjóđa skótalega, iđ verđur í Danmark 21. - 29. juli 2012, viđ fleiri enn 35.000 luttakarum. Hendan síđan fer at innihalda tilfar og upplýsingar um leguna.


09. Juni 2011:

Dear guide/scout


Enclosed please find a leaflet inviting you to the national jamboree in Denmark at the end of July next year.


It would be great if you would print the leaflet and give a copy to each guide or scout of your group to give as many guides and scouts as possible this unique chance of attending the biggest Danish jamboree ever.


We would like to have many international activities at the jamboree for which reason we also invite you to make a performance, an exhibition or another activity to present your guide/scout group and your national culture at Jamboree Denmark 2012.


If you have any questions, please send them by email to international@ and the web address


Yours in Guiding and Scouting,


Ole Damkjaer

Member of the Committee for International and External Participants, Jamboree Denmark 2012.

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